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The Eighth Day of Romance

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Rachel Van Dyken

a note from eLLf Christmas's sponsor, Lauren Layne


Hi everyone!

First, let's address the elephant in the room. Yes, I skipped the Seventh Day of Romance. No, I don't have a good "excuse."

Or maybe I do. Honestly? I needed a break from the computer. Each eLLf Christmas day takes me between 4-6 hours to put together, and though I love every moment of it so much (truly), I needed to step away and do something other than stare at a screen.

What did I do instead? I slept in. Had coffee with a friend I haven't seen in years. Went to brunch with my husband. Sipped champagne in front of the tree and listened to Christmas music. Took a walk with my dog in the snow. And then went out for a late-night appetizer at my favorite bar. 

It was the sort of day that the holidays are meant to be, and though I sort of wish I'd been organized enough to do eLLf and have the perfect day, I wouldn't change the day for anything.

So, with that ... we move on!  

Today I'm so excited to have my other author-bestie doing a takeover of eLLf!!!

Please welcome the lovely Rachel Van Dyken!

Happy Holidays!


Happy eighth day of Romance!!!



Hey Everyone! Rachel Van Dyken here, and I'm so pumped to be celebrating with Lauren. Not only is this an incredible idea but I've so been looking forward to all of the different posts and prizes. It's fun to see all the different traditions--not to mention the killer recipes! 

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is buy a tree. I know, it seems so lame, it's freezing cold outside, you pick out a tree that needs love (i.e. the Charlie Brown Christmas tree that just needs a BLUE BLANKET, PEOPLE!) And you head home, spend way too much time decorating, only to realize, it's never going to look straight in your house. The point is....Christmas and the holiday seasons aren't necessarily about being perfect, but about keeping traditions alive and recognizing the reason for the season in the first place. 


Ready for a Van Dyken tradition?!

The PERFECT Manhattan

Guys, we've got this down, so for this eLLf Christmas, take notes, dudes. This is the ONLY way to drink a Manhattan Van Dyken style! 

Also known as The Clint Eastwood (Nate, the hubby says it's the BRO Manhattan because of his own little addition, pay attention, friends!)

1 1⁄2 oz. Bullet bourbon
3⁄4 oz. Vya sweet vermouth
2 dashes Regan's orange bitters
1 Amarena cherry, for garnish

and ...

1 OZ of Cherry Juice (Nates addition)

Put everything in a cocktail shaker with some ice, shake it, stir it, whatever. Pour into a martini glass, feel fancy, and ENJOY. 

PS :: Lauren Layne here, and we Laynes, like the Van Dykens love Manhattans! Our tip? Add an orange twist to give it an extra festive, Christmasy feel!  


Okay, so now that we have the drink taken care of, don't you want to read all about the mafia guys who would TOTALLY drink this (like every night)? 

If you head over to Rachel's New Rockin Readers, you can take part in an incredible FREE Christmas Mafia novella. I'm writing it just for my fans, and the only way to get it is to join the group! I'm posting a few chapters a day and before Christmas it will be available in PDF form for every member!


I have a new release that has a male siren, who you know, just like attracts the attention of EVERY being in his path, born a prince and lived the life of a king. I truly feel like everyone should experience Alex.

The Blurb:

Never met a male siren before? You're about to....I grew up
as a prince...And lead the life of a King.There isn't anyone or
anything that doesn't want me, that isn't attracted to me. They
can't help it. And I sure as hell don't want them to. I live for
their lust...


And to celebrate the new release ...

 I'll be gifting out a KINDLE FIRE


In order to enter, you have to:

a) be signed up for eLLf Christmas here

b) follow me on Instagram (@RachVD) and on my Dark Surrender post (going live Monday, 12/12), leave a comment that says ELLF ME!

I'll chose one winner from among the ELLF ME commenters! 


Buy Dark Surrender: 

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Today's giveaway sponsored by rachel van dyken!

a note from Rachel:

Okay so finally, As husband and I try to plan for the Holidays there is always this huge argument over how we spend our time, money, gifts, I mean-its hard to organize this stuff, am I right? So in honor of Christmas in addition to the Kindle Fire above, we want to give a little something to THREE eLLF subscribers (details below)!



On the eighth day of romance, Rachel Van Dyken gave to me ...

1 Romance Pack

1 Wine Pack

1 Amazon gift card (with a surprise number attached)

Want to win? All you have to do is be signed up for eLLf Christmas! If you're already signed up, yay! If not, you can do so here. But for what it's worth, you should also totally sign up for Lauren Layne's weekly newsletter!

(a note from LL :: Thanks, RVD! SMOOCH!!!)


The Fine Print

Winner will be announced on Tuesday, December 12th in the daily eLLf Christmas email, and must be an active subscriber at the time of announcement. We will contact the winner by the email address provided.

a note on International entries:

The Amazon gift card and the romance pack are open to US and international winners. The wine-pack is for US residents only because of annoyingly tricky shipping laws. So sorry!