Ellf Christmas

The Last Days

a hello ... and a goodbye

Hi everyone! I've got a bittersweet announcement today ...

It's the LAST day of eLLf Christmas.

I know. I know.

I said "Twelve Days of Romance," then skipped two, and ended a day early.


A tired one. That's all. eLLf Christmas has been so fun, but I majorly underestimated the time and effort. The price I pay, I suppose, for having the idea for eLLf Christmas only a week before I launched it.

Next year though ... next year I will be prepared.

Until then, I can't think of a better theme to close out on than my original play for Day Ten ...

Book Blogger Appreciation Day 

Bloggers are so SO instrumental to the publishing community, but since I have to imagine it can sometimes feel like a thankless job, I knew from the very moment I conceived of eLLf that I wanted to give them a day to have a voice.

The response was tremendous. Nearly 150 bloggers took time out of their day to talk to us about their favorite holiday traditions AND ... their most memorable reads of 2016.

Translation: all eLLf subscribers access to some of the best books of the year, all in one spot! I specifically asked the bloggers to pick their most memorable--that book that stuck with them for whatever reason, the one they couldn't stop thinking about, and I was really delighted to see some new-to-me titles and authors, I hope it's the same for some of you!

(note: I worked ALL DAY yesterday trying to figure out how to prettily display the responses on this page, only to realize that there was simply way too much information, and it was causing really slow load times. I had to settle for displaying them in a PDF, but upside ... now you guys can save the list and reference it even after the close of eLLF Christmas.

note: blogs are listed in the order they responded in



The last giveaway of eLLF 2016:

A $125 Amazon e-gift card!


As with before, all you have to do is be part of the eLLf Community (if you receive the emails, you're already signed up. If you're new, you can sign up here).

The winner :: Because this is the last day of eLLf Christmas, the winner will be emailed directly on Friday, December 16th, rather than announced in the daily newsletter. 

Yes, international winners are eligible to win the gift card. 

What happens now?

As mentioned, this is the last day of eLLf Christmas, which means ... this is it! I'll be leaving the site up as is through the weekend, and then moving to an "archived" version of the site, where you'll still be able to access the content, but eLLf Christmas will be officially closed.

Will we be back in 2017? We think so. We hope so! If you're signed-up, you'll be hearing from us either way next year, letting you know!

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who's been a part of this this year. You've stuck with me through technical difficulties, tired moods, late emails, and so much more. I had a GREAT time with all of you, and hope you enjoyed as well.

A very merry eLLf Christmas to everyone.


Lauren Layne